Uppenantha Ee Prema Ki Telugu song Lyrics Translation-Arya 2

Uppenantha Ee Prema Ki Telugu song Lyrics Translation

Uppenantha Ee Prema Ki Telugu song Lyrics Translation-Arya 2

This love which is as big as a rising sea, how come it fits in such a small heart?
Uppenantha ee premaki, Guppedantha gunde yemito..

What is the use of language if I cannot express my love?
Cheppaleni ee hayiki, Ee bhashe enduko..

Why these tears for the sweet sadness within me?
Thiyyanaina ee badhaki, Uppu neeru kanta deniko

Why such an unbearable pain even when you are only an inch away?
Reppapaatu duuranike, Viraham enduko..

These eyes that see you, why do they need to see anything else in the world?
Oo Ninnu chuse ee kallaki, Lokamantha inka endhuko..

why such big punishments for love which surprisingly is only a two syllable word?
Rendu aksharala premaki, Inni Sikshalu endhuko

I will keep loving you even if my breath stops
I Love You.. Naa Oopiri Aagi Poina

I will keep loving you even after my death
I Love You.. Naa Pranam Poina

You come in my dreams and destroy them
Kanulalokosthaavu.. Kalalu narikesthavu..

You kill me once every second
Secondukosaraina champestavu…

You are like snow but ignite fire in me!
Manchula untavu.. Manta peduthuntavu..

You follow me and burn my mind to ashes
Venta padi naa manasu masi chesthavu..

When you breathe i feel like my lifespan increased
Theesukunte nuvu oopiri.. Posukunta aayuve cheli

Please stop throbbing my heart like a sharp thorn!
Guchukoke mullu la mari.. Gundello sara sari

The rain drops that want to touch you and shine
Chinukule ninu thaaki merisipothanante ..

Should i collect the clouds and burn them away?
Mabbule pogesi kalcheyana

The parrots that want to imitate your voice
Chelakale ni paluku Thirigi palikayante

Should i destroy their voices?
Tholakare lekunda paatheyana

I will destroy all those flowers that try to touch you
Ninnu kori poolu thakithe.. Narukuthanu poola thotane

I will remove those eyes that stare you even if it is for a moment
Ninnu choosthe unna chotane.. Thodestha aa kallane..